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Naturopath in Owen Sound - The body's organ called the kidney has numerous functions and plays an essential role in the urinary system. The functions of the kidney includes the maintaining of the acid-base balance, helping to serve the homeostatic functions of electrolyte regulation and maintaining the salt and water balance that helps in the regulation of the blood pressure. The kidneys serve the body by getting rid of wastes and rerouting them to the urinary bladder. The kidneys act essentially as a natural filter of the blood.

The kidney would help to excrete wastes when producing urine. These wastes can consist of urea and ammonium from the body. In addition, kidney's are responsible for reabsorbing amino acids, glucose and water. The kidneys produce various hormones as well such as: erythropoietin, calcitriol and the enzyme called rennin.

The kidneys can be located at the back of the abdominal cavity within the retro peritoneum. The blood comes into the kidneys from the paired renal arteries and flow out into the paired renal veins. Each kidney then excretes urine into a ureter. This is a tube-like paired structure which releases into the urinary bladder.

Nephrology is the medical field concerned with kidney diseases. Renal physiology describes the study of kidney function. People with kidney disease often show characteristic clinical features such as chronic kidney disease, renal cysts, nephritic and nephritic syndromes, urinary tract obstruction, acute kidney injury and nephrolithiasis.

There are even different kidney cancers which exist. Renal cell carcinoma is the most common adult renal cancer. Numerous renal conditions, cysts and cancer can be managed with removal of the kidney, also known as nephrectomy. Kidney dialysis and kidney transplantation are some treatment options when renal function, which is measured by glomerular filtration rate is persistently poor.

Kidney stones can be a pain and a nuisance even if they are not really harmful. A sound wave treatment can break up the stones into smaller pieces so they can be passed through the urinary tract. Sharp pain within the lateral and median portions of the lower back is amongst the main signs.

Renal Physiology

The kidney is an essential feature of homeostasis within the body. It is responsible for regulating electrolyte concentrations, acid-base balances, blood pressure regulation and extracellular fluid volume. The kidney works both along with different organs and alone in order to achieve these essential jobs. The kidneys work closely together with the endocrine system and numerous endocrine hormones coordinate these functions like: angiotensin II, aldosterone, rennin and others.

Nearly all of the functions that the kidney carries out is accomplished by rather simple mechanisms of filtration, secretion and reabsorption, that takes place in the nephron of the kidney. Filtration would typically occur in the renal corpuscle. This is the method wherein big cells and proteins are filtered from the blood to make an ultra-filtrate. This particular substance ultimately becomes urine. The kidney produces approximately 180 litres of filtrate on a daily basis. They reabsorb a large percentage of the filtrate and generate approximately just 2 litres of urine a day. Reabsorption is the word for the transportation of molecules from this ultra-filtrate into the blood. Conversely, secretion is the reverse method, wherein molecules are transported in the opposite direction, from the blood into the urine.

Waste Excretion
The kidneys are responsible for emitting a lot of wastes from the body that are produced by metabolism. These nitrogenous wastes consist of urea from protein catabolism and uric acid from nucleic acid metabolism.

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Owen Sound is Canadian city known for its beauty, natural landscape, and strong sense of community. The city of Owen Sound is the county seat of Grey County, in Southwestern Ontario. With a population of 21,000, the city of Owen Sound is considered a small city.

The city of Owen Sound is located at the mouths of the Sydenham and Pottawatomi Rivers, on an inlet of Georgian Bay, Lake Huron, giving the city a striking quality. Owen Sound City was incorporated more than one hundred fifty years ago. Particular events, like for instance a 10-day Homecoming, were held in the year 2007 to celebrate.

The City of Owen Sound was named a Cultural Capital of Canada in 2004, and during the year 2005 became a National Communities in Bloom champion. Owen Sound City hosts numerous cultural events, such as the Festival of Northern Lights (a Christmas lights festival) and the Summerfolk Music and Crafts Festival. Established in the year 1977 and held every month of August, Summerfolk attracts more than 4,000 visitors annually to Kelso Beach Park on the Georgian bay shores. The folk festival is well-known for its crafts and high quality performances. Musicians like for instance Valdy, Leahy, The Rankins and Natalie MacMaster played there before being commercially successful. Gowan, Rik Emmett, Bruce Cockburn, Stan Rogers and Blue Rodeo are among the more popular names to have graced Summerfolk stages. The Main stage features a memorial to Stan Rogers.

Professional live concerts and theatre are popular in Owen Sound City. The Owen Sound Little Theatre owns the city's 400-seat Roxy.The Youth Theatre Coalition is likewise active, presenting concert, musical and theatrical productions run by youth, for youth. A Novel Marathon is the city's fund raiser for the Adult Literacy Program of the Owen Sound and North Grey Public Library.   More